Supertec Machinery

supertecAt Tipton Machinery, we pride ourselves in offering the best possible products from the most reliable brands. If you’re looking for machine tools designed specifically with quality and innovation in mind, learn more about Supertec Machinery.

Why choose Supertec Machinery?

Offering quality machinery for small lot product, Supertec manufactures machining tools to create a better quality product for the motorcycle, automobile and bicycle marketplace. Built to their own tightly controlled tolerance and specifications, they provide customers with everything from OD grinding requirements to support information.

Why choose Tipton Machinery when shopping for machining tool brands?

Founded in 1964, Tipton Machinery proudly distributes a variety of quality CNC machinery to the Ohio metalworking industry. We greatly value our relationships with our customers, and our goal is to present the best technology, quality, and cost effective “least cost of ownership” solutions. Our experience and reputation are your guarantee!

When you work with the professionals at Tipton, you can count on high quality CNC machining solutions with complete local support including machine installation, training, engineering and more! Learn more about Supertec Machinery or search for other machining tools by brands or product types. To reach our team request a custom quote or call our office at (216) 524-5750. We look forward to hearing from you!